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Spick & Span: Cleanliness is the thirtieth book of Candy Series. It was published on May 2017.


The annual school clean-up is just around the corner, and the cleanest class will receive a mystery prize. But Sofia does not want to help with the classroom chores. To Richard's annoyance, she even messes up his room whenever she visits. Can Sofia change her bad habits and learn the importance of cleanliness?




Sofia? Clean?

Mia the Miracle Housekeeper

Allergic Rhintis

Removing Allergens

The Tiff!

Clean-up Day

Sofia's Other Side



  • In the Chinese version of Spick & Span, Richard's family name was changed to "Lee" (李) when it should be "Chen" (陈). Whereas in the English version, Sofia instead said "Who knew 6A's model student was such a coward. Polite to your face but stabs you in the back!"

Below contains potential spoilers

  • There is a possibility that "Lee" (李) might be Richard's mother's maiden name. As it has been foreshadowed throughout several past books that circulates around the theory that Mrs. Chen -- or Mrs. Lee -- is a mistress.


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