"I even hid who I really was so I could stay your friend. No matter how much it hurt, I always forced myself to tolerate your dumb behaviour. But you never respected me! You never thought about my feelings! You said I'm weak and useless just because I'm a girl. But let me make this clear to you! I'm proud to be a girl! I may be not as strong as a boy, but I have the courage to be who I am!"

Robin to Joshua in Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up
Robin in dress
 Alias(es) Rob (by Joshua)
 Nationality Malaysian
• Characteristics•
 Blood Type A[1]
 Gender Female
 Age 12
 D.O.B. Around February 19 to March 20[2]
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Blue
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Sacred Hearts Primary School
 Occupation Student
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Single
 Relative(s) Unnamed mother (mentioned)
 Love Interest(s) Joshua (childhood friend and possible love interest)
 Allies Joshua (childhood friend and possible love interest), Triplet Bullies, Candy JEM, Alex, Anthony
• Others•
 Like(s) Accessories, hairclips, reading, basketball[3]
 Alignment Good
 Goal(s) To conceal her identity as a girl (formerly)
• Debuts•
 Comics Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up

Robin is a Year 6 student and the best friend of Joshua. She made her debut in Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up.


Early Life

When Robin was much younger, she and Joshua were known to be very close friends. Their relationship was so intimate that a few of the friends Joshua and Robin have invited to Robin's birthday party teased Joshua and Robin for being an item. This fact, was greatly denied by Joshua.

Joshua and Robin flashback

Joshua denying his crush on Robin

Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up

More Than Friends: Feelings

Corey stated that he knew a few people who always look out for one another and help them whenever they are in need, Robin was mentioned alongside Joshua to be one of the few that had such a relationship.


Robin appearance

Robin's initial appearance

Robin is a pre-teen around average height with short black hair, blue eyes and rather thick eyebrows. During her first appearance in Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up, she had a rather boyish appearance; her covered her right eye and she was often seen wearing boyish clothing.

However, later in the book, she engaged in a more girly and feminine look; the upper part of her hair was parted to the left with a purple clip, revealing her right eye and she started to wear more girlish clothing.


Robin before revealing herself as a girl.




Triplet Bullies

Candy JEM



Love Interests


See Joshro.



Mental Intellect


  • In the official Candy Series characters stats, several information of Robin were revealed.
    • Robin's blood type is A.
    • Robin's astrological sign is Pisces, therefore her birthday falls around February 19 to March 20.
    • The things that Robin likes are accessories and hairclips.
    • Her hobbies are reading and basketball.

Robin's character stats


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