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Rimia (Ri/chard and Mia) is a former semi-canon couple between Mia and Richard.


Richard and Mia were once a one-sided pair, with Mia being the one whom fell in love at first sight and held feelings for Richard and admired him. In Season of Blossoms: Growing Up, it was obvious that Mia had a crush on him after bumping into him during the school's health check-up.

Richard thought of Mia as a cute and adorable girl.

Mia's feelings, however, were lost. After Richard realized the latter's horrible body odor, he immediately lost interest for her and broadcasted his new thoughts for her to his friends, his hurtful and mean comments were all accidentally heard by Mia, which greatly hurt the latter's feelings and caused her to break down in tears.

In the end, Richard apologizes to Mia for hurting her feelings. And the two stayed as mutual friends.


Season of Blossoms: Growing Up

Rules of Popularity: Reputation

When Richard accidentally knocked over Mia. He immediately gave her his support to prevent her from falling by grabbing her arm. After apologizing to the latter, Richard proceeded to chase after Sofia whom was ignoring and running away from him.

A rather down Mia looked at Richard from behind, assumingly thinking of the bad memories she has about him; Joni and Charles talked behind Richard's back and Joni commented on them having a bad day after bumping into Sofia and Richard.


  • It was clear that Mia (once) has a crush on Richard, as she fell in love at first sight for him after bumping into him during the school's health-checkup.
  • Mia tend to blush whenever she sees Richard, or even whenever she sees something that is related to him. One noticeable example is when Mia blushes her birthday invitation she planned to give Richard when shuffling through her invitations.
  • Richard describes Mia as a cute girl. Despite receiving numerous comments similar to his from other people (especially from Charles), it was the first time Mia has ever blushed from such comments.
  • Because of her crush for Richard, she made her Richard's birthday invitation prettier than the others, in attempt to appeal Richard with the quality of her invite.
  • In the end, the two agreed to stay as normal friends. Helping one another whenever they are in need with no romantic feelings as a reason.
  • Carly accused Richard and Mia for being a couple.

Among The Fans

Rimia is not really shipped much by fans, since the two had ended their relationship. But the former couple still has a few supporters. The pairings rivaling this pair are noticeably Charmia (Mia with Charles) and Rifia (Richard with Sofia).