Kaoru is the screenwriter and author of Candy Series.

Early Life

Kaoru grew up in Malaysia and first joined Gempak Starz after graduating in 2001. Together with Dreamerz and Candy Factory, they had created Candy Series and published the first book in 2013 in Mandarin which was later translated into Malay and English.

Soon, after Athletic Ace: Sports, Dreamerz stopped writing with Kaoru.


Kaoru is shown to have an interest in Japanese cartoon/anime, thus her art style is Japanese-manga influenced and is loved by lots of fans.


  • Kaoru, together with Candy Factory and Dreamerz, also created another book series called the Prince Series.
  • Kaoru had won awards, She was a finalist for the Best Story Comic Golden Dragon Award in the 2005 Oriental Animation and Comics Competition. Her acclaimed romance comic “Maid Maiden” was awarded the Best Romantic Comic award by the Malaysian Mandarin Comic Society in 2009. In 2013, her graphic novel “Love Drama” won the Malaysian Mandarin Comic Society's Best Action/Romantic Comic award.[1]

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