Jaly (Ja/cob and Car/ly) is a former canon pairing between Jacob and Carly.


Jacob and Carly are first introduced as an affectionate young couple.


More Than Friends: Feelings

Jacob and Carly were first seen drinking milkshake together at a café, flirting with each other and giving each other nicknames.


  • Jacob and Carly were once an intimate couple, before getting caught and punished by Mrs. Lawson.
  • After the two broke up, they still consider each other as dear friends.
  • Carly was shown to be extremely serious towards her relationship with Jacob, as she broke down in tears after recieving Jacob's sudden intention to break up with her via phone messaging.
  • Because Carly is so focused on developing her relationship with Jacob, her friends lessens.
  • The two had dated each other on numerous occasions, the first visible moment of them dating is at a café, where Candy JEM happened to encounter.

Among the Fans

Jaly is one of the least shipped pairings.

Other Books Appearance

Candy Cuties

Jaly along with a few Candy Series couples appear in some Candy Cuties book. Jaly appears in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.7

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