Alias(es) Emi (by her mother)
Cool Ace (Book 23 cover)
 Nationality Malaysian
• Characteristics•
 Blood Type AB[1]
 Gender Female
 Age 11
 D.O.B. August 10[2]
 Hair Color Grayish mauve
 Eye Color Turquoise
Blue (in covers)
 Height 141cm
 Weight 33kg
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Candy JEM
Sacred Hearts Primary School
 Occupation Student
 Previous Occupation Model (in Book 5)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Single
 Relative(s) Mr. Ouyang (father)
Mrs. Ouyang (mother)
 Love Interest(s) Corey (possible love interest)
Dennis (on his side; formerly)
James (former love interest)
Bobby (on his side)
 Allies Most of the characters in Candy Series.
 Enemies Jane
Mr. Chan
Derek's Wingmen
Triplet Bullies
Sofia, Charles, Sera, Joshua (situational enemies)
Zara, Qistina, Carmen, Marcus, Richard, Noel, Carly, Vani, Cecilia, Colin (former enemies turned allies)
• Others•
 Like(s) Her friends, getting good grades, go for online shopping, reading, computers, whole grains, fresh fruit or vegetable juice[3]
 Dislike(s) Joni's eccentricities, cockroaches, sweet food[4]
 Alignment Good
 Goal(s) To become the next Steve Jobs.
• Debuts•
 Comics Reaching For The Stars: Friendship

Emilia is one of the main protagonists of the Candy Series and a member of Candy JEM. She is regarded as one of Sacred Hearts Primary School's "princesses". She used to be very vain who looked down on the less wealthy along with Sofia, Zara and Qistina before becoming close friends with Joni and Mia.


Early Life

Emilia was an obese girl in kindergarten. She had no other friends except for Robert, another obese schoolmate. They were often bullied by their schoolmates because of their obesity.

Emilia liked to eat sugary and unhealthy food while she was little which caused her obesity. Because of the constant bullying, she started eating less and developed a fear of sugary things as she thought that eating sugar would instantly make her fat.

She has now overcame her phobia and is able to eat healthily with the help of her friends after the events of Healthy Pretty Girls.

Reaching for the Stars: Friendship

Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet

It started at the school field with Joni playing volleyball with the other classmates. Mia was tired, so she wanted to take a break for awhile, and accompany Emilia to read.

Then, the sports club captain, Corey approached. He told them to continue playing, but instead Emilia objects it because her body will stay fit. After Emilia finished, they stood in silence.

After school, Mia told Emilia if she was being mean to Corey, but then Emilia, being cold-brain and intractable that she didn't and it's Corey's fault. Joni still want to know the story of what did they talking about (maybe being a busybody). Then Emilia changed the topic, forgotten that her dad just bought a WII, and asked if they can come to play. Joni agrees, and Mia looks fine with it.

At Emilia's house, Joni loss the game, while Mia won. Joni seems to cry, but then Emilia appears telling them that the maid has prepared snacks. Joni thinks that Emilia always have luxurious, rich snacks for tea, but it's not what she expected. There's healthy wheatgrass juice and sugar-free wholemeal biscuits. Joni isn't satisfied, but then Emilia explains that sugar does nothing but to harm our body. Mia asks her if she ate like this since she was small, then Emilia make a silence for a while, and continued by saying that she does.

In the evening, on the way to their home, Mia and Joni saw a pretty and cute sweets shop called "Candy Bakery". They came inside, and saw many yummy cakes and pastries. But Joni didn't have enough money, so Mia suggested to share a slice. Joni then smiled, and agrees with Mia's suggestion. A costumer came, and he wanted to buy four whole cakes, and one slice of each other cakes. Joni and Mia were shocked.

Next day at school, Joni was about to explain the whole thing happened after she and Mia left her house, but then the bell rang. Miss Miyuki came in, and she told the class that there's a new classmate joining them. The class chattered, and then a boy with big and wide body came in. He introduced himself as Robert. Joni shouted that he's the guy she and Mia saw in the bakery yesterday.

Everybody's Favorite Friend: Amity

Sparkle and Shine: Hygiene

Style with Substance: Savvy

Caught in the Net: Technology

Hamlet's Keeper: Responsibility

Happy Holidays!: Travel

Girls on Guard: Self-Defense

Top of the Class: Academics

Starstruck!: Fandom

Seasons of Blossom: Growing Up

My Little Secret: Privacy

Yes, You Can!: Optimism

Little Ladies: Courtesy

Keeping You Waiting: Time Management

Dreams Take Flight: Ambition

Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up

Kitchen Capers: Cooking

Tiny Terrors: Manners

A Class Effort: Leadership

On Our Own: Self-Reliance

Rules of Popularity: Reputation

More Than Friends: Feelings

Brotherly Bother: Responsibility

Fruits of Friendship: Nutrition

Athletic Ace: Sports

The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement

Facing Our Fears: Superstitions

Spick & Span: Cleanliness

Stress-Busters: Stress Management

Be True, Be You: Interests

Saving A Spendthrift: Money Management

Trainee Trouble: Perseverance

Lady-in-making: Social Etiquette

The Me You Don't See: Blood

Angels in Action: Kindness

Memory Mishap: Road Safety


Emilia full appearance

Emilia's full appearance

Emilia bears a striking resemblance to her mother. She has grayish mauve hair kept in a Chinese bob hairstyle. In the covers, the color of her eyes are depicted as blue with a slight shade of green, while in the comic, her eyes are turquoise in color.

Adult Emilia

Emilia as an adult in Joni's dream.

Just like most other characters, Emilia constantly changes her clothing. On several occasions, she was shown wearing the Candy JEM soft badge customized according to her appearance and personality on the left side of her chest.

In Joni's dream as an adult, Emilia has her hair grown longer and she was bespectacled. She wore a business attire which consisted of an open black suit over a white shirt and black pants held up by a brown belt and she was seen carrying a dark purple handbag.


"A Candy JEM member who is regarded as one of the school's "princesses". Rational and intelligent, she is a nature leader who hides a warm personality beneath her cool and aloof appearance."

-Emilia's personality and attitude shown in Characters page.

Emilia's wrath

Emilia's wrath

Emilia is a verbally powerful, street-wise and morale girl for her age. When she was first introduced into the series, Emilia was shown to be quite aloof and down-to-earth to those around her, but would eventually display a warmer and more open-minded nature soon after. She is the most intellectually inclined of the group and often excels in her academic grades in school. Emilia seemed to be rather strict towards people who displayed signs of stupidity, such as Joni and Corey. As both described her as feisty and hot-tempered on several occasions.

Self-righteous and diligent, Emilia knows how to differentiate the right from the wrong, and was known to be unskeptical and forgivable towards those whom once mistreated her -such as Qistina and Zara- when they begged for Candy JEM's forgiveness of their attitude that they and Sofia had once displayed towards them.


Mental Intellect

Described and showed as the most intellectually inclined of Candy JEM, Emilia is the brains of the group and often figure out ways for her and Mia and Joni to deal with situations. Throughout the series, Emilia had displayed her high intelligence for her age in both school and in crisis. Often scoring excellent grades in her school and coming as second place behind Carmen in her class.



Other Media

Candy Careers Card Game 1.0 and 2.0

Emilia, along with many other characters, are depicted and designed in several cards as performing different types of occupations. She is designed as:

  • Coffee Barista
  • Beautician
  • Ballerina
  • Zookeeper
  • Archeologist
  • Director
  • Broadcast Journalist

Candy Cuties

Emilia, along with all the other Candy Series characters are featured in the spin-off Candy Cuties Series. Emilia appears in all the current volumes.

Character Interview

In the official 2018 fanbook, Emilia was interviewed on several questions:

1. Question: Is there anything more important to you than your studies?

  • Emilia's answer: Nothing at the moment.

2. Question: Your fear of getting fat prevented you from eating sweet foods. How did you overcome that?

  • Emilia's answer: I still avoid eating too many sweet foods. Every time I order cake, either Joni or Corey will finish it for me.

3. Question: Why would a studious girl be close friends with an athlete?

  • Emilia's answer: Corey teaches me about sports, and I teach him study techniques. As we make up for each other's weaknesses, we gradually become close.

4. Question: Norman thinks you're very troublesome. What do you say to that?

  • Emilia's answer: I don't mind, but as long as I'm around, he'd better not slack off!

5. Question: Do you think you'd make a better class monitor?

  • Emilia's answer: Norman may be laid-back, but his leadership qualities are better than mine. He can win the hearts of the students too. I think he makes an ideal monitor.

6. Question: Do you have role models?

  • Emilia's answer: I do. They're my parents. One day, I'm going to be as successful as them!

7. Question: What do you fear the most?

  • Emilia's answer: Joni's cooking.

8. Question: You and Sofia were close when you were younger, but you've grown apart. Does this make you sad?

  • Emilia's answer: No. Though I can't agree with her ideas and actions sometimes, she's still my friend. Whenever she gets into trouble, I think of ways to help her.


  • In Kitchen Capers, it was revealed that Emilia's favorite fruit is peaches[5], as mentioned by Joni who was making fruit jelly in cooking class.
  • Emilia's idol is Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc..
  • Emilia was ranked second in the 2014 Candy Series characters popularity poll.
  • Emilia has a fear of cockroaches.
  • "Emilia" means 'to strive or excel' in Latin. Hence her good academic grades in school.
  • In the official Candy Series character stats, several information of Emilia are revealed:
    • Emilia's blood type is AB.
    • The things that Emilia like is a computer.
    • Emilia's hobbies are reading and go for online shopping.
Emilia character profile

Emilia's character profile

  • According to the official 2018 Candy Series Fanbook:
    • Emilia's birthday is on August 10, hence making her a Leo.
    • Emilia's interest is reading.
    • Positive traits of Emilia include her intelligence, modesty, calmness and her firm and decisive nature.
    • Negative traits of Emilia include her occasional perfectionism and harsh demeanor.
    • Emilia's favorite food are grains, whole grains and fresh fruit or vegetable juice while her least favorite food is sweet food.
    • Emilia's strongest subjects are all subjects except for PE while her weakest subject is Physical Education.
    • Emilia joins the singing club in her school.
    • Emilia's favorite dressing style is clothing that are clean, neat and nothing too fancy.
    • Emilia's pastimes are revising lessons for the next week, reading and journalling.
    • Emilia's role models are her parents.
    • Emilia's motto is "Do your best in everything; make the best out of everything!".
    • Emilia's personal stats are:
Physical Strength


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