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Elite Minds Academy is an academy which was first mentioned in Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet and made its official debut in Athletic Ace: Sports.


Elite Minds Academy's history is currently unknown.



The academy is a tall and large building, having pale, dark yellow-brown as its primary color. The building can be seen having glass windows and doors. Surrounding the building are trees and bushes. The academy's logo is colored yellow with red borders, as it is briefly seen in Athletic Ace. [1]


The only interior in the academy shown is the school's badminton court. It has two playing areas with green floors and nets for badminton matches. The floor is presumably wooden, the walls colored gray and mauve with glass windows.

Elite Minds sports hall

The exterior of the academy's badminton court



Year 6

Year 5


Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet

Athletic Ace: Sports

The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement


  • In Healthy Pretty Girls, it was revealed that this school is one of the Sacred Hearts' neighboring schools.


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