The Community Chat Room,  is a chat room in which users are able to talk with each other in a friendly and open environment.

Join the Chat

Users may be granted chat moderator status so long as they behave in chat, have no ban history, and are recommended by at least half of the administrators/chat moderators. One may have their rights removed due to inactivity, little frequency on chat, violation on chat, and misbehavior. Rights can be requested or nominated at Request for Chat Moderator.


Although the chat room is a free environment to allow you to discuss nearly anything you want, it also has a comprised list of rules to keep the chat fair and clean. A list of rules can be found directly below.

  • No harassment or insulting. Everybody deserves to be treated the same way and fairly. Harassment will result in an immediate block by a chat moderator.
  • No spamming or advertising. Spam is known as submitting many nonsensical, very long, or repetitive posts, which is not allowed. Advertisements are not allowed in chat and are also considered spam.
  • No trolling, flaming, or provoking others. Users should not be trolling or purposefully annoying other users in the chat.
  • Foreign language discussion should remain in private message, not in the main chat. We try to make more foreign wiki chats and if you see a foreign chat for Shingeki no Kyojin, feel free to enter that chat. All main chat discussions should remain in basic English.
  • No giving or requesting personal information. This is absolutely forbidden as it violates the Terms of Use.