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Candy JEM

A pop trio of Joni, Emilia and Mia

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Influences on the Candy Series

A list and record of all the influences and inspirations that Kaoru, Dreamerz and Candy Factory had taken to create the series. From Japanese Anime to Disney, to various genres like Slice of Life and Romance. Do come and visit this article~!

Recent Book
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Believe in Yourself: Life Skills

The new school year has begun, and Joni, Emilia, and Mia are now in Year 6. Their class needs a new monitor, and everyone is encouraging Emilia to accept the role. Emilia, however, is hesitant because she is still troubled by what happened in the past. Can Emilia get over her self-doubt? Will she agree to become 6A's class monitor?

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Aryqan54 Aryqan54 16 January


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Sakurahime002 Sakurahime002 18 October 2020

Thoughts on Richard’s Background?

What do you guys think about Richard's home life? Is his mother really a mistress, or is it simply a rumour? Either way, who is his father and what happened to him? What made Richard into the "dark prince" he is now?

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Yamadachi Azusa Yamadachi Azusa 9 September 2020

Fanart of Candy JEM

It's been such a long time since I posted things here! I don't really read Candy Series anymore, but I decided to post this fanart here for the nostalgia cause I used to post fanart here!!^^

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StarryStarletSkies StarryStarletSkies 22 July 2020


🌟Hi Hi Hi Everyone! This Is My First Time Making A Blog Post! Hee Hee~🌟

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Val8kariere Val8kariere 26 December 2018

Her Protector (Charmia) ep1

Author note: before i wrote this chapter i would likely to warn there wont be any mature stuff on this story since i had been warn not too and thank you to the person who told me too. I promised i wouldnt put it more then it is. Thank you.

How it all started

The sky was brightly coloured with orange and pink spreading through the horizon as the sun setting down slowly calling the childrens to come back home

Bustling with noises of students laughters spreading through the air as they just end another day of school

Stood among the young-beings a boy running to find something or maybe someone who he precious the most

His blazing red eyes look through the sea of childrens that is not like him wearing dark clothings and a black cape wasn't the best …

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