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Candy JEM

Candy JEM is a pop trio formed between Joni, Mia and Emilia, three of the most popular girls in Sacred Hearts Primary School ever since the three emerged victorious in the school's singing competition. The trio are the main protagonists of the series.


Unbeknownst to all of its members except Charles, Candy JEM was formed unintentionally when the two close friends, Joni and Mia, became in the same class with Emilia. Joni beared disliking towards Emilia when the three classmates made their debut in Reaching for the Stars: Friendship . In the end, the three became friends ever since.

Despite the fact that Charles is a member of Candy JEM, the latter was denial of joining Candy JEM in the first place. As in Everybody's Favourite Friend: Amity, it was implied that Emilia, Joni and Mia were the ones whom discussed and "accepted" Charles into the group as an honorary member. It was then revealed the reason why Charles became a member of Candy JEM was to allow Joni and Emilia to keep an eye out for any signs of intimate confrontation between Mia and Charles.[1]

Joni warning Charles

Joni wanting Charles to stay away from Mia

Soft badges were also designed for each member to wear as a sign of the group's friendship. The badges also represent a sign of loyalty the members have for their group. When Emilia wanted to end her friendship with Mia, she tore off her own badge, signalling her discontinuation of their friendship, although it was later revealed it was just an act to get Mia back to her senses.


Candy JEM
Joni 25px Emilia 25px Mia 25px Charles 25px
Primary member Primary member Primary member Secondary member


  • Joni: Singing, cooking, sports
  • Emilia: Singing, intelligence
  • Mia: Singing, cooking, drawing, crafts, sewing
  • Charles: Intelligence, fast costume change

Group mascot

Candy JEM's group mascot, Candy Meow, is an imaginary cat with beady-eyes and gold-colored fur coat. The mascot was often seen in different types of clothes, mostly those that matches the topic that each book series has to offer.CandyOther than their main mascot, each of the members also have their personally designed badges (that resembles the main mascot itself), each expressing their host's personalities and hair color.


  • The group name 'Candy JEM' is named after the first letter of every members' name, in sequence:
    • Joni
    • Emilia
    • Mia
  • So far, the only Candy JEM members whose backgrounds were known and told were Emilia's and Charles', Mia and Joni's backgrounds were yet unknown.


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