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Bobby (true name: Robert) is a minor character of the Candy Series debuted in Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet. He is Emilia's childhood friend and rival of James. He is mentioned by James when he was talking to Corey via phone in Athletic Ace: Sports


Bobby was friends with Emilia when they were in kindergarten. He was rather protective of Emilia in his kindergarten days since Emilia was always bullied and teased. He was also shown to have a crush on Emilia.

Physical Appearance

As a boy with a large body, Bobby is quite tall for his age, as it is also seemed to be mentioned by one of the Candy JEM's classmates. Bobby has a short, dark burgundy red that (slightly) points up in the middle.


Bobby is a kind, shy and timid young boy. Even though Bobby is pudgy, his sweet and attractive smile made people around him care about him, although it is rare for (most of them) 5A to show it.

As of how he looks, he has high sugar addiction as Emilia (before graduating to primary school), saying that sweets make him feel happier and he will not change as soon as he meet Emilia (which he does, all along).




Bobby's father was only mentioned in Healthy Pretty Girls (Chapter 1). His father evacuated his job for three months, thus making him staying in Sacred Hearts for the time period.








Love Interests



Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet

Athletic Ace: Sports

Bobby was mentioned by James when he was contacting Corey via phone a few days prior to the badminton competition that him and Corey are competing (before getting replaced by). Corey asked James on how is he able to get his phone number, James then answered that Bobby was the one whom gave it to him.[7]


  • In the official Candy Series characters' stats, it was revealed that:
    • Bobby's astrological sign is Cancer, therefore his birthday falls between June 22 to July 22.
    • Bobby's blood type is O.
    • Bobby's favorite things are junk food, sweet food and Emilia.
    • Bobby's hobby is eating.

Bobby's character stats


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